Sizegenetics Review – How it Actually Works? Complete Guide [2021]

sizegentics review

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Reviewer: Jhon

What I have learned in these 36 years is you must never give up, no matter how tough your story is. Well, I love challenges, and trust me, life without challenges is nothing less a dustbin. However, it’s not necessary to accept challenges in life but most importantly, you need to look for the right ways to overcome the obstacles.

Having a good sex life is what a man craves for, and when he fails in assuring so, happiness seems to take a backseat. Bingo!!

You have got it right. It’s an undersized penis that leaves most men disappointed and this was where I got a little terrified. I thought life will soon take a new turn in my life. Jennie supported me like anything and kept explaining to me about Sizegenetics.

By the way I bought mine from the official website SIZEGENETICS.COM

This was the first time I came across this term, which seemed initially like rocket science. But when I actually came to know about it, I felt so good; so relieved that happy days will be here again.


What is Sizegenetics?

No, it has nothing to do with Genetics or the study on genes but it’s an incredible penis enlargement device. To be more precise, this amazing device will extend the size of your little rocket to a good extent so as to make your penetrations better and harder, and guess what’s the best part? It comes with no side effects and neither with any serious complications.

My best buddy, Jason knew everything right from my inability to achieve an erection to failing to satisfy Jennie. Well, he came up with the idea to start with penis enlargement pills. To be honest, they worked but did not have much impact on what I actually desired. The pills did not have much side effects except for a few rashes here and there. But Sizegenetics just nailed it as it brought me permanent results. Now, if you have been victimized earlier for your so-called tiny penis, Sizegenetics will turn matters into your favor.

So, the question is what has made me come up with a Sizegenetics review for all you guys.

  1. Sizegenetics is such a brilliant penis enlargement device that has straightened my little and curved penis like anything.
  2. I have learned what it means to have confidence in bed as this device is simply magical in doubling my confidence. Jennie keeps says this.
  3. No matter with whom you want to sleep with, she will have a high libido for your enlarged penis.
  4. Erections had never been as good as what I had experienced on using Sizegenetics.

How it actually works?

The primary objective of Sizegenetics is to stretch your penis, and this stretch takes place not just for the sake of it. Every time it gives a gentle pull to your penis, the cells inside the penis tissue are allowed to break down. I did not know this process has a name, which is Cytokinesis. What happens in this process is that the size of the blood vessels and also the blood flow aretriggered. Consequently, the penis is able to store more blood that increases its size like anything.

The results take different time span for different people. One of my colleagues, Jonathan had used Sizegenetics and had experienced a considerable rise in his penis size. According to him, it took him just four months to gain 2.5 inches and he was so happy. Now, he not only enjoys his nights but also makes it a point to deliver a morning performance.

For me, I gained 3 inches at the end of the 10th month, which is pretty good actually. Well, no device on earth can promise to stretch your penis by a huge margin. If it does, the aftereffects are not going to be smooth. So, I strongly feel that you need to be patient and keep a positive thought. Experts say that one takes a time period of 6 to 12 months to gain up to 3 inches, and believe it or not, it does happen.

sizegenetics before and after

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Now, let’s draw a brief comparison with penis pumps. Well, if you had earlier used pumps to blow up your penis a bit, fear not and go ahead. Honestly, I had tried using pumps which I had to borrow from one of my friends. Again, like pills, penis pumps are not that effective. If it’s really concerned with enhancing the size of your penis, penis pumps might fall short of their performance. Well, I would never restrict you to try one but Sizegenetics, in comparison, would do a far better job in increasing the length of your penis. Moreover, you will love wearing an extender for hours,unlike pumps. A penis pump is what you would not like to wear for a long time, may be for a few minutes.

What I feel safe about Sizegenetics is that it is FDA approved. This makes it clear that you will not expect any trash out of it. It even works on a very simple principle of muscle building on any section of your body. Just like when you lift weights, it breaks down the muscle tissues and substitutes them with tissues of larger size. Sizegenetics follows the same procedure. It uses progressive mechanical traction, stretches the penis and raises the length over a period of 6 to 12 months. It’s as simple as this.

Now, if you ask me as to how frequently should Sizegenetics be used, I can give you a clear picture. I used to wear it daily for up to a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 5 hours. If you want to get the best results, try wearing it for at least six months and more if possible. Well, during this period, I remember I used to have a penis soar. In fact, I used to feel a lot irritated and rather uncomfortable. But gradually, I made it a point to get accustomed and it took me around three weeks or so to sync in.

I had a conversation with an expert. He pointed me out a trick that made things so easy. Just when you will start using Sizegenetics, you have to customize the elongation bars as per the placid size. This lets the penis feel the tension. But make sure that it is not too tight, or otherwise, you will not feel easy. I simply followed the instructions and started giving quality time to the device. Today, I can call it my favorite companion.

How should you wear Sizegenetics?

1: The first thing is to identify the base ring. This would actually help you to fit your penis correctly.

2: Next, place the elongated bars in the correct manner

3: Find the headpiece where you need to insert your penis head

4: Do not forget to pull the bands on the comfort straps.

5: The adjustments need to be done correctly so that you can make use of the right size for staying comfortable

So, after you are done with the steps, give a slow start.

Although the best results demand to be used for 3 to 5 hours a day as mentioned earlier, I recommend giving at least one hour per day to Sizegenetics.

I just loved those sessions when I absolutely concentrated on wearing it correctly. I had challenges but not much.

Instead, I aimed at increasing the time period to two hours a day and gradually I felt confident.

Sizegenetics also makes it easier for you to wear under loose clothes. If you wear it correctly, you are sure to stay away from discomfort. Once I wore it, it didn’t make me feel as if I was wearing something out of compulsion. Rather, I was quite flexible in completing my household work by wearing it almost throughout the day. If you are comfortable at night, just wear it and doze off. I had tried several times to sleep during the night by wearing the Sizegenetics. Trust me, it didn’t bother much.

The biggest question, however, is how to ensure getting the desired results apart from using it for 3 to 5 hours a day. So, I can give you a few tips on how you can actually make good use of Sizegenetics and fetch speedy results. Take a look:

  • A bit of jelqing can warm you up – A warm-up session is important before you wear this extender. Jelqing is certainly one of the most effective penile exercises that would provide you a good deal of warmth. In fact, this would prove to be quite beneficial in making you wear the extender.
  • Keep trying and never give up – In case you are not able to wear Sizegenetics in the right procedure, you might end up in frustration. Well, it’s not something unusual as many users have ended up irritated but have never given up, and this is the key to success. So, just don’t give up unless you are able to wear it correctly and getting accustomed to it.
  • Talk to the manufacturer or an experienced user – One of the best ways to learn wearing Sizegenetics is from the DVD provided with the pack. Following the DVD might be a bit boring but you will actually get to know how to use this device with absolute If you still find it boring, you can always talk to someone who had already used it or else,talk to the manufacturer in detail.
  • A supplement for penis enlargement works great – I am not saying you have to take a supplement for penis enhancement. But if you go for it, you are sure to get better results. Just make sure that your health is good enough to consume the supplement. If it works well inside your body, it would certainly complement the use of Sizegenetics. So, upon taking the right supplement, it would give you harder erections, amazing sex drive, unmatched stamina, high sexual pleasure and of course better results. So, once again a question pops up as to HOW MUCH ONE CAN GAIN AFTER WEARING SIZEGENETICS!

In this context, I would refer to that night when I left Jennie in a state of utter disappointment.

We had a fight, a really big fight, especially when I failed to make an impact on the bed. I was damn scared and for a moment thought that my sex life is about to be screwed.

As I stated earlier, I had unconditional support from Jennie who gave me the confidence that we can bring positive changes in our sex life. Thereafter, she made me watch videos on Sizegenetics, helped me study reviews, brought me contacts to interact with experts and what not.

Well, I just started using it the day I got, and this is where you have to get alert.

In other words, if you don’t start early, the results will get delayed more and more. Although you need to give it a slow start, you have to be regular at it.

To be honest, you need to keep up with your commitment of using it with all your heart and soul so that you can get the desired results in quick time.

As a matter of fact, Sizegenetics has a promise of its own. It not only assures to stretch the length of your penis but also enhances its girth to a good extent.

I also came across a video where I was really happy to find a dedicated user of Sizegenetics. This man was so determined to extend the size of his penis that he utilized the penis extender in just the way it should be. He started slow but after a week made it a point to invest at least 5 hours daily to this session. The result was remarkable, and it was a 5-inch gain at the end of 1 month. Well, I would still recommend not to be so fast and over committed. If it’s a new thing for you, be wise and wear it as per your convenience. You should feel good and comfortable, which should be the end result.

Now, you should also know that Sizegenetics come in various packages. Of course, you need to know about each package so that it becomes easier to know which package is able to meet your needs.

Ultimate or Advanced Comfort System: I bought this pack and trust me, I just loved it. The first word that comes to mind about this pack is comfort. As the name suggests, the pack comprises such things that won’t let you compromise with your comfort. Rather, you will feel good on using this pack for long Every penny I invested in it has given me positive results. This Advanced or Ultimate Comfort System has:

A multi-head piece – Here you will get head beds as well as all those parts that would play a key role in not only minimizing friction but stabilizing the head of your penis. This worked wonders on my little asset, and I am sure it would help you too.

Traction cum powder–I have never got something unique like this in my life. This refers to some exclusive powder that would create traction between the penis and the stretcher. Please note that this powder is so soft to use that would give you absolute comfort. Besides, you are sure to derive immense pleasure out of it every time you do the stretch.

Moisturizer aftercare – While you will be indulged into the process of enlarging your penis, you need to keep a soothing solution to keep it calm and safe. So, an aftercare moisturizer is provided here that would help to regenerate the cells. This is important because you need to get the process going.

Value Edition Pack–This pack is highly recommended for all those who are having a very tight budget. What makes it a bit challenging is its comfort pad, straps and elongation bars. While you will be using these in the longrun, you might them a bit uncomfortable. One of my buddies, Harris bought this and he was able to use it for about a year, which I guess is not bad. Despite, if you wish to continue it longer, you might have to give a thought prior to going for this Value Edition Pack. The pack contains a stretcher that will do the enlarging; a DVD that will contain a video on how you would make use of this pack, a default control pad, elongation bars and a strap.

Ultimate System Extras – If you are looking for the top tier package, here it is from Sizegenetics. This pack is ideal for all those who desire to achieve optimum results in the fastest possible time. It contains everything one will want to extend his penis size. So, the package includes:

  • A moisturizer
  • Angling headpiece that is multi-directional
  • 3M Comfort Plasters
  • Traction plus powder
  • E-books on fitness and seduction
  • DVD on everything related to penis health
  • Wipes for device cleaning
  • A stylish leather case
  • Travel case along with lock and key

SizeGenetics is only sold from the official website.

Curvature Edition Pack: As mentioned earlier, Sizegenetics is also aimed at treating men with bend penis syndrome. If you are having one, just don’t feel bad since this package brings every remedial item for your curved penis. This pack will have:

  • The Sizegenetics device
  • Comfort system
  • Multi-function heads
  • Vitamin E oil
  • DVD for instructions
  • A lock and key leather case
  • Amino pills

After talking to a physician, I was able to accumulate a good number of things on Sizegenetics so that I can share these with all enthusiasts out there.

So, here are some PROS about the product:
  • Authorized and popular – Sizegenetics is a completely authorized penis extending device that has been created by an eminent American company. It is counted among the top 5 penis enhancement devices and has also benefited a massive number of users throughout the world.
  • Running for 2 decades – Sizegenetics is not something new. It has been there for 20 years and has undergone massive developments to let users find it more effective and comfortable.
  • High tension – What makes Sizegenetics best among the rest is that it produces 2.800 grams of tension. Well, this is something exceptional to talk about. In comparison to other penis extenders, this is indeed impressive. Remember, the more the tension, the faster the results. So, those who are expecting faster results must go for Sizegenetics.
  • Comfort is unmatched – Nothing can be as comfortable as this penis extender. With whoever I have met and talked about this product, the comfort factor has been prioritized every time. So, unless you are wearing it, you will never be able to imagine as to how comfortable it can be.
  • Causes no harm to the penis – Even I am confident about this. A minimal pain is felt after the session and then when you apply the aftercare lotion, it is gone. So, there is no harm caused to your penis and you stay completely safe.
  • Recommended by medical experts – Amongst all penis extenders, Sizegenetics is highly recommended by surgeons and even urologists. Interestingly, this device is not only used for penis extension but also for treating complications like Peyronies and curvature disease. Honestly, I had never come across any such penis extender that can cure other things apart from extending the size of apenis.

So, what are the cons then? Yes, Sizegenetics has proved to be a failure but not for many. So, it’s better not to get skeptical before using this product.

CONS - Here are some of the side effects that you might face while wearing Sizegenetics:
  • A bit pricey Good things come with a high cost and you cannot deny it. Despite, Sizegenetics has been called expensive by a lot of users. In fact, some have called it for not getting faster results. For me, it’s not a con but definitely a matter of concern if I am running out of budget. However, one thing is certain. Sizegenetics is absolutely versatile and recommended. So, even if it’s a bit costly, it would require patience to deliver good results.
  • Results are delayed – Of course, it is not a surgery and therefore, you cannot expect its results to be faster. Again, time and patience will be the two factors that will have to be considered by users. So, the results are sure to come slow, which however depends on how consistently you make use of it.
  • Feeling a bit of pain There are many users who have felt a bit of pain while using Sizegenetics. I did not have any sort of pain Where some users go wrong is they do not follow the video or the manual correctly. Probably, this is a reason for pain, or otherwise, pain is a distant relative of Sizegenetics.

Now, in spite of the pros and cons, it’s really essential to use the product and experience as to how it feels to wear. For me, I felt a bit awkward at first because all I used to wear over my asset is underwear. So, when suddenly I had to wear this device, I was a bit tense and wondered what more am I going to face. But from my experience, I can tell that if you wear Sizegenetics in the wrong manner, you have a high chance to get hurt. This is where the Comfort system plays a key role as it would provide you with diverse options in terms of assuring comfort. The more you wear Sizegenetics, the bigger will be your penis, and this would bring a new change to your sex life. Just make sure that the stretcher provided is comfortable enough, and if it does, things would look so easy.

The first time I studied about Sizegenetics, I thought it to be making fake promises. But when Jennie convinced me to go through it once, I thought why not give it a try? I just wore it with a positive mindset, and today, I have grown 5.5 inches in 11 months. Thanks Jennie, she helped me made it as if my dream came true. Well, if you are willing to achieve it, you can start with some combinations. I tried the combination with the silicone noose. Well, I found it better than the comfort straps. To be precise, I found it quite comfortable. Now, this silicone is a transparent piece that has been given a natural grip. In fact, it is so flexible and easy to respond well to your girth.

Another comfort combination tried by many users is using the Comfort Strap that can be surrounded right at the base of your glans. The thing that might bother here is your hair and you might get them pulled by the strap a bit. Despite, it has proved to be quite fruitful for others. For prevention, it would be best to use a cushion at the top of your penis. This would result in complete satisfaction. So, it’s on you as to what combination you will choose to stay easy and comfy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, it’s time to go through the FAQ section that would answer most of the queries asked by enthusiastic users. Here are some of the questions along with their answers:

Is it possible to sleep while wearing Sizegenetics?

This depends a lot on your sleeping pattern. I am fortunate that I usually sleep on my back. As per Jennie, I don’t move much during my sleep. This is where I got the advantage to wear it with no disturbances at all. There are many who prefer sleeping sideways while there are others move around a lot in their sleep. For them, wearing Sizegenetics can be a problem. Just make sure to set the extender on a low tension setting in case you are willing to wear it during sleep.

What is the fastest time span of gaining inches by a good margin?

The time you will take to gain a few inches will again depend on the amount of effort you are giving to Sizegenetics. As far as my story is concerned, I wore it for 5 to 6 hours a day and that also daily for not more than four months. Besides, it depends on what type of diet you are living. Go always for a healthy one as it would trigger the blood flow and fetch you quicker results.

Does it hurt too much to wear Sizegenetics?

Getting accustomed to Sizegenetics takes a bit of time for most users. But this does not mean that he would get hurt in the process. It is neither uncomfortable nor would it irritate your skin. In fact, it has been tested that Sizegenetics is among the most comfortable penis extenders, especially due to its 54-comfort system.

Is it compulsory to wear Sizegenetics throughout the entire day?

Wearing Sizegenetics throughout the entire day is possible. But do not try this right at the start. Even if you wear it for 5 to 6 hours a day, you will find positive results in quick time. So, if you think it’s difficult for you to wear the penis extender for the entire day, do not worry because this would not make much difference. Experts, however, recommend that the more time you give on wearing it, the faster the results.

Does Sizegenetics need to be prescribed by a doctor?

No. You can always wear Sizegenetics without any proper prescription by doctors. Although you might not get it at the offline stores, the online stores would get you without any prescription, which is completely legal and safe.

Is there any specific size to wear Sizegenetics?

Men with penis size ranging from 2 to 9 inches will not find it challenging to wear Sizegenetics. However, men with a penis size ofmore than 9 inches need not required to wear it. Otherwise, you can always order additional parts to let the device fit over your penis. Men with less than 2 inches will not be able to use it.

If I quit using Sizegenetics after gaining a few inches, shall I be able to sustain the new size forever?

This is one of the most popular questions asked by Sizegenetics users. Well, it’s been a month that I am no more wearing Sizegenetics, and still, I have kept my inches sustained. Some users take up pumps to keep the girth effect intact while some go on to take supplements. So, again it is on the user as to how he would prefer to hold on to his modified size.

Is Sizegenetics the most effective in comparison to other penis enhancement devices?

There are several factors accounting to the effectiveness of Sizegenetics. First, it is not like those penis extenders that are made of cheap quality materials. Sizegenetics have been manufactured by making use of premium quality and medically grade materials. Secondly, Sizegenetics is clinically tested, which means, it has been tested by experts in labs. This is a big reason why this branded penis extender stands out in terms of effectiveness and is also charged a bit high.Also, it is strictly advised not to use other cheap penis enlargers as those may cause massive harm to users.

Can Sizegenetics be worn under clothes?

It’s the matter of how you dress up. If you are in loose clothes, say baggy jeans, you can wear it and go outside. However, this might not be the case always; so wearing it under the clothes in public might look a bit awkward. In case it gets visible, it would look weird. Therefore, it is recommended to wear when you at home just like I used to do most of the times.

How much impact does Sizegenetics have on your strength and quality of erection?

There is a section in your penis, which is known as the Corpus Cavernosum. So, Sizegenetics plays a key role in expanding this section. So, what it implies is that your penis is able to store more blood. As a result, this triggers the size and strength of erection. At this juncture, what I did is that I brought a male enhancement supplement. Believe it or not, the results were incredible.

Is there any specific age limit for using Sizegenetics?

The minimum age limit for wearing Sizegenetics is 18 years. The online store from where you will be buying it will always confirm whether you are 18 or above. I think the maximum age limit for men using Sizegenetics is 70 years. So, if you are below 18 years of age or above 70, it’s better not to use this product. I came across a review by a 67-year old user who was quite happy to gain inches by a good margin.

Is it possible for men with a curved penis to get better results after using Sizegenetics?

As mentioned earlier in this review, Sizegenetics is aimed at treating men with a bend or curved penis. Scientifically, it is known as Peyronies disease. I was not subject to this type of complication but those who have it need not worry as this penis extender will play its role better in this context.I have also heard people with erectile dysfunction where the penis fails to achieve an erection. So, this penis extender will also take care of such complications, making men gradually confident to perform in bed.

Final words

Where there is a will, there is a way, and Sizegenetics is certainly that brilliant way to achieve happiness in bed. If you ever had a bad sex life due to your undersized penis, just don’t blame yourself or do not invest lump sums into buying artificial products, pills or anything of that sort. Just start using Sizegenetics and you will get to know your results with time. Patience and hard work will always bring you the desired results, and if you are using Sizegenetics, you need to have that faith in it. Frustrations, restlessness and a negative mindset would simply hamper your spirit to get you going. So, if you stay dedicated to it for a few hours of the day, you are sure to get magical results.

So, here I come at the end of my review. I hope I have been able to explain and make you understand why Sizegenetics can bring your penis back to life. Also, I would advise you to go through plenty of reviews, videos,and articles to know more about this product so that you can have a good idea and become confident in using it. Just wipe off all fears because I had none and now, I am a happy man. Of course, you can always consult your partner and seek advice as to whether it can help to improve your relationship. At least, you won’t repent after investing in it. Just try it once and you never know, life can take a new turn.