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VirtualPalomarWest is an integrated and all-for-people informational website providing authentic information on health and other medical topics. This is a non-profit organization solely dedicated to the service of audience, both common people and professionals, and intends to provide them easy access to the reliable health information.

Our Mission:

We believe in fulfilling the promise of providing the valid and authentic health information on the internet. We keep people in our minds while we’re doing our job and invest ourselves in the heart of everything we do. We intend to provide the quality content on the website and aim to uphold the integrity of our process. As serious as we are about the credibility, we also recognize the importance of the factor of entertainment to make the content more engaging and exciting.

The basic goal of our provision of this website and the content contained in it is to bring people from all around the globe towards the most current information material that is conveniently accessible, trustworthy and most importantly, authoritative.

Our Content:

We offer credible information along with the in-depth reference material about the wellness and health topics that may matter to you. We make our content a source of original and timely information provided to you in a jargon free language that is easy to understand.

We intend to provide the material that is interesting and informative. Also, we attempt to choose the topics that are not widely available on the internet.

Our Product Reviews:

We offer honest product reviews that are in no way linked to the owner company. We believe that people deserve to know about the product they are going to use. We want to build a safer environment in which people can actually trust the reviews and decide to purchase or use the items based on them. Our reviews are honest and we check the products ourselves along with consulting the consumer feedback about them.

Our Team:

Our staff skillfully blends the expert journalism with content creation to give the viewers the answers of what they are looking for. Our certified physicians, experienced journalists and trained community moderators work hard to offer you a satisfactory information experience here at virtualpalomarwest.org. Our team includes people holding advanced degrees in medical communications, medicine, clinical informatics and journalism. Our other qualified individuals include health professionals, wellness experts, certified nutritionists, editorial professionals, advertisers, community experts, web service providers, contributors and other third parties with the specialty licenses.  Most of us have dedicated their entire careers to health and helping people achieve and access the medical information, support and the services that they may require.

We are committed to improving our website experience for our viewers and exceed their expectations about the access of information at this platform. We will definitely continue to publish more health and wellness information and offer similar services to keep you living a better standard life. With us, you can get help in finding your way out when faced with hard healthcare decisions. You should feel better about your health and that of your family; we intend to completely help you with that.