Micro Penis Characteristics and Treatments

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The micro penis refers to the yards of size at least 2.5 times smaller than the average. Although this condition does not cause functional impairment in most cases, it is a source of anxiety for many men. Discover the characteristics of micro penises, and the solutions that exist.

What is a micro penis?

A micro penis is a small penis, but without any deformity or functional problem. This condition affects only about 0.06% of the male population. It is detected from birth, if the penis is less than 1.9 cm. In adults, it measures less than 7 cm at rest and less than 12 cm in erection. The measurements are taken from the bone of the penis to the tip of the glans. It should be noted that many men think they have a micro penis although this is not the case, simply because they tend to underestimate the size of their penis and find it too small for their liking. Finally, the micro penis is sometimes confused with the buried penis, which is sometimes found in overweight men. In this case, due to an accumulation of fat in the pubic area, the base of the penis is obscured. The latter then appears shorter, although it is of normal size.

The causes:

Although the causes are not well known, the micro penis is often linked to hormonal imbalance, with insufficient testosterone production during pregnancy. In some cases, the production of testosterone is normal but the tissues of the penis are immune to it. These problems can sometimes be due to chromosomal abnormalities. Finally, environmental factors could be involved, such as exposure to endocrine disruptors during pregnancy.

The associated risks:

The micro penis does not present any health risks, and is not associated with deformities in most cases. It does not affect fertility or the ability to experience pleasure, however it can cause psychological pain. Indeed, many affected men are complexed and lack self-confidence. They feel reached in their manhood and are sometimes ashamed of their situation with a sexual partner. They therefore find it difficult to have satisfying sexual relations, and do not think they are capable of giving pleasure to their partner.

The different solutions

Hormonal treatment

The micro penis is often detected from birth. In this case, the child may be prescribed hormone therapy, which consists of injections of testosterone over a period of several months. This slightly increases the growth of the penis. In some cases, treatment can be resumed around puberty. However, the length of the penis still remains below the normal size.


Surgical operations may be offered, but the results obtained are not always satisfactory. For example, it is possible to sever the suspensory ligament of the penis, making it appear larger. Silicone or fat taken from the patient can also be injected, which mainly increases the diameter.

The penis extender

Penis extenders are devices that are worn on a resting penis (we recommend the SizeGenetics brand). They exert a pulling force and lengthen the penis, which in the long term helps to gain some length in both flaccid and erect states.

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