causes for low libido in men

What May be the Reasons Why Male Libidos Take a Dip and Hamper Sexual Performance?

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Low libido can be quite the hassle for a lot of males. But, somehow, throughout the years, men find it difficult to come out in the open with this particular problem. Well, for one, low libido in guys is very real, and as much as one might want to shy away from it, it is something that causes a rift in relationships, owing to dissatisfied partners.

Another reason why men prefer keeping low libido issues under multiple wraps is an extremely false notion that they crave themselves to be living up to. Wondering what that might be? Well, here it is: Real men must always be in the mood!

News flash: No human is ever always ‘in the mood’! Hence, living up to this absurd platitude is nothing but following a myth that really doesn’t exist, and wouldn’t be possible to actualize either!

So, if one faces the problem of a low libido, there’s actually nothing that he must be ashamed of, and hence grill himself for it. Moreover, there are a lot of causes that accumulate to contribute for this loss of sexual urge, and most of them are extremely normal causes that rise in the daily course of life.

Here’s a list of causes for low libido in men:

Before we delve into any further detail, let it be known that low libido in men is caused due to both physical and psychological reasons.

The physical causes are as follows:

  • Over ingestion of medicines, and antibiotics
  • Exercising excessively or not working out at all
  • Alcohol consumption beyond limits
  • Drug abuse

The psychological causes for low libido in men are:

  • Depression
  • Work-related stress

Apart from this hectic lifestyles are yet another reason why libidos might drop. Anyway, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, in this context, as simple changes in one’s daily routine and a conversation with the doctor can easily sort it out!

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