Wearing Sizegenetics At Night

Is Wearing Sizegenetics At Night While Sleeping Advisable?

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An enlarged member is a boost for many males. This is one of the reasons why many prefer wearing sizegenetics at night. While this definitely is a boost for many, yet there are a few things men must keep in mind while using sizegenetics on their organs for enlargement.

Of course, experts in sexual health have always preferred their use for better sexual performance. Also, they have always advised the use of these for penis enlargement. One can always wear one’s extenders at night, but here’s a word of caution:

Never wear your extenders all night long because of the following reasons:

  • Wearing an extender for the entire night results in an interruption in blood circulation, which in turn does more harm than good. Disruption in blood circulation levels leads to dampening sexual performance, in addition to causing other health problems.
  • Moreover, wearing an extender all night long cuts off the blood supply to your vital organs despite the comfort strap or the silicone tubing present therein.

Hence, the following question: Can you wear sizegenetics while sleeping? Is actually, No. One mustn’t wear sizegenetics while sleeping and even if one does, it shouldn’t be so for more than two or three hours.

Moreover, the use of sizegenetics comes with a lot of cautionary measures as well. For one, people using these must wear comfort straps and sheathe their penis with a sock to keep it warm and comfortable. The comfort straps end up distributing the friction over the organ hence making it even more stretchable and comfortable.

Thus, using sizegenetics must be done sparingly and prudently. Plus, one must also take care not to use them during daytime while working or in the gym. Instead, they must use them at times when they are relaxing and keep a close watch on their usages as well.

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